Business-friendly laws

According to the World Bank's latest Doing Business ranking, Georgia is the seventh friendliest economy in the world

The regulations and ease of doing business, as well as the excellent business environment and incentives, make Georgia an attractive country. The jurisdiction of Georgia makes the establishment of an offshore company an easy, safe and cost-effective action.

Keyword: Tax advantages, politically stable environment

Georgia has made it easy to start businesses by simplifying administrative procedures such as tax registration or licensing. Setting up a company in Georgia takes only one working day to complete the registration process.

Under the latest rules for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia, you have the option of obtaining a one-year residence permit and extending it by purchasing a property for more than USD 100,000.


Growing potential

Georgia is rated "very high" on the Human Development Index,

geographically well positioned as a gateway between Europe and Asia,

Member of international organisations in Europe and Asia.

The country is perfectly located for access to the major European, Central Asian and Middle Eastern markets and has free trade agreements (FTAs) with most of them;

The famous trade route "SilkRoad", which crossed the territory of ancient Georgia, brings contrasting civilisations and cultures together in one place.

Georgia has attracted the attention of those who are concerned about preserving and increasing their capital due to the favourable situation for investing in real estate.

We are familiar with global trends and the special circumstances of local market development, we offer you a highly qualified, market-leading service.


Das Land „Georgien“

is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and occupies the central and western part of Transcaucasia. It is bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the southeast, Turkey and Armenia to the south. There are mountain, coastal climates and balneological spas; millennial history, diverse nature and ancient traditions.

The territory of Georgia is a terrain with many historical and architectural monuments, ancient monasteries, remains of castles and fortresses, defensive structures. Georgian hospitality, local wines and Georgian cuisine are known far beyond Georgia.